Determined Unit Rate for en route Air Navigation Services

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1. Contact
1.1 Contact organisation EUROCONTROL: The European organisation for the safety of air navigation.
1.2 Contact organisation unit Directorate Single Sky - Performance Review Unit (DSS/PRU)
1.3 Contact name Performance Review Unit - EUROCONTROL
1.5 Contact mail address 96 Rue de la Fusée
1130 Brussels
1.6 Contact e-mail address
1.7 Contact phone number +32 2 729 39 56
2. Metadata update
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3. Statistical presentation

3.1. Data description

The measure addresses the costs for the provision of en route air navigation services.

In accordance with EU IR691/2010, Single European Sky Area States are required to adopt performance targets contributing adequately to and consistent with the EU wide targets. The cost efficiency KPI for the first reference period is the Determined Unit Rate for en route Air Navigation Services.

The en route ANS Determined Unit Rate is defined as the en route determined costs (in real terms) divided by the total en route service units. The yearly values of the determined costs are fixed in advance, for the entire reference period. While monitoring performance, the en route actual unit cost (en route actual costs/actual en route service units) is compared against the determined unit rate.

It must be noted that the determined en route unit rates differ from the actual en route unit rates charged to users in application of the Charging Regulation which also takes into account, where applicable:

  • the application of the difference between forecast and actual inflation,
  • the carry-overs resulting from the implementation of the traffic risk-sharing,
  • the carry-overs from the previous reference period resulting from the implementation of the cost risk-sharing,
  • bonuses and penalties resulting from the financial incentives to the achievement of capacity performance targets,
  • the over or under recoveries incurred by Member States up to the year 2011 included (for the first two reference periods),
  • a deduction of the costs of VFR flights,
  • a deduction for income from other revenues, where applicable.

3.2. Classification system

En route air navigation services determined unit rates are classified per En Route Charging Zone within the Single European Sky Area.

Generally, an En Route Charging Zone belongs to a single Country. In the context of the Single European Sky Area, Belgium and Luxembourg are the only States to have established a single shared en route charging zone.

3.3. Sector coverage

The measures pertain to the Air Transport and Air Traffic Management Sector of the economy.

3.4. Statistical concepts and definitions

Costs are expressed as:

3.5. Statistical unit

The statistical unit is the En Route Charging Zone.

3.6. Statistical population

The statistical population comprises the En Route Charging Zones of the Single European Sky Area.

3.7. Reference area

The reference area is the Single European Sky Area.

3.8. Time coverage

Actual Costs are measured over the period 2009 to the year before the current year.

Forecasts cover the period from the present year through the end of the reference period.

3.9. Base period

2009 is the base year for the calculation of cost series in real terms.

4. Unit of measure

The en route determined unit rates are measured in:

Real terms values are corrected for inflation relative to the base year.

5. Reference period

  • The first reference period (RP1) covers the calendar years 2012 to 2014 inclusive.
  • The second reference period (RP2) covers the calendar years 2015 to 2019 inclusive.

Unless decided otherwise, the following reference periods shall be of five calendar years.

6. Institutional Mandate

Legal acts and agreements are established in:

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 390/2013 laying down a performance scheme for air navigation services and network functions
Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 691/2010 laying down a performance scheme for air navigation services and network functions
EC 1794/2006 Defines the common European charging scheme for Air Navigation
EC 549/2004 Defines the single European sky framework for Air Navigation
EC 550/2004 Defines the provision of air navigation services in the single European sky

7. Confidentiality

8. Release policy

8.1. Release calendar

The monitoring data concerning the en route ANS determined unit rates are released on a yearly basis in June/July, after the June meeting of the Eurocontrol Enlarged Committee for Route Charges.

8.2. Release calendar access

Not applicable.

8.3. User access

Information is disseminated to the general public via the EUROCONTROL website.

9. Frequency of dissemination

The en route ANS determined unit rates are published at the beginning of the reference period and the actual unit costs are monitored on a yearly basis.

10. Dissemination format

The information is available on the EUROCONTROL website.

11. Accessibility of documentation

11.1. Documentation on methodology

As per the pertaining regulations (see Institutional Mandate).
For technical questions not addressed in Statistical processing please contact:
Additional definitions of the terms used in the frame of the this KPI are available in the Glossary.

11.2. Quality documentation

There is no specific documentation on procedures applied for quality management and quality assessment.

12. Quality Management

12.1. Quality assurance

The data is provided by the concerned States and as such it is their responsibility to perform any quality assurance activities.

EUROCONTROL is not responsible for the procedures and processes used in the production of this data.

12.2. Quality assessment

EUROCONTROL performs systematic checks to verify that totals do indeed equal the sum of their parts. However, if discrepancies are found, they are simply reported to data provider who may or may not make corrections.

EUROCONTROL does not change data elements nor does it prevent the publication of data that failed to verify the checks.

13. Relevance

The information is published for performance monitoring purposes in accordance with the relevant EU legislation.

13.3. Completeness

Data completeness is determined each year as per the above-mentioned quality checks. Any missing data is reported to the provider.

14. Accuracy and reliability

14.1. Overall accuracy

This data is provided by the States and displayed as provided. It is assumed that the States have provided perfectly accurate data.

14.2. Sampling error

There is no sampling and therefore no sampling error.

15. Timeliness and punctuality

15.1. Timeliness

The latest data displayed represents costs and rates that are at least eleven months old.

15.2. Punctuality

The data is provided by the States in June and November and is displayed to the public at the end of November.

16. Comparability

16.1. Comparability - geographical

Depending on the State, en route services may be more or less complex, traffic may be more or less dense, the geographical extent varies, etc. rendering difficult the validity of geographical comparison. Groups of States with similar operational and economic environment have been defined for comparison and benchmarking purposes. The comparator groups which were considered during the assessment of the States' performance plans for the first reference period are presented on page 50 of the Performance Review Body Assessment Report of 20 Sept. 2011

16.2. Comparability over time

Comparability over time is valid.

17. Coherence

17.1. Coherence — cross domain

Generally, data should be coherent with ATM Cost-effectiveness (ACE) information.

17.2. Coherence — internal

The data is assumed to be internally coherent as provided.

18. Cost and burden

Not available.

19. Data revision

The data revision policy has not yet been defined.

20. Statistical processing

20.1. Source data

Target Data
En route ANS Determined Unit Rates and related data
National/FAB performance plans adopted by the States for the first reference period.
Exchange rates (2009)
National/FAB performance plans adopted by the States for the first reference period.
Inflation rates
Forecast data: National/FAB performance plans adopted by the States for the first reference period.
Monitoring Data
Actual en route costs
States' charging reporting tables as defined in the annexes of EC 1794/2006 provided to the Eurocontrol Enlarged Committee for Route Charges (except Estonia which provides data directly to the European Commission).
Actual en route service units
CRCO annual "Reports on the Operation of the Route Charges System" (except Estonia).
Inflation rate
Actual data: Eurostat website (HICP All items).

20.2. Frequency of data collection

The data is collected twice a year (June & November) except for Estonia which provides data on a yearly basis.

20.3. Data collection

Air navigation service providers are required to fill reporting tables for each En route Charging Zone under their responsibility and supply it to the European Commission (Charging Regulation). All States, except Estonia, present these tables to the Eurocontrol Enlarged Committee for Route Charges in June and November. Estonia provides data on a yearly basis to the European Commission.

20.4. Data validation

The data is validated by the States/data providers under their own responsibility.

20.5. Data compilation

The data provided is loaded into databases at EUROCONTROL. The actual unit costs are computed on the basis of the data provided, as per the definitions.

20.6. Adjustment

Depending on the exact methodology applied in the individual performance plans, the actual costs and service unit may be adjusted to correspond.

21. Comment

No comments.


This data is published by the Performance Review Body (PRB) of the Single European Sky. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and analysis contained on this website are as accurate and complete as possible. Despite these precautions, should you find any errors or inconsistencies we would be grateful if you could please bring them to the Performance Review Unit’s attention.

The information may be copied in whole or in part providing that the copyright notice and disclaimer are included. The information may not be modified without prior written permission from the PRB. The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of EUROCONTROL or of the European Commission, which make no warranty, either implied or express, for the information contained on this website, neither do they assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information. The PRB reserves the right to change or amend the information provided at any time and without prior notice.

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